Built Around a Tree

The stories behind the songs…

 “Built Around a Tree”, my debut album, features various references to the natural world within the titles of the songs and the lyrics themselves. These connections, that we all share and that we are all a part of, have shown themselves in various forms throughout my life.

Growing up surrounded by hills, forests and fields gave me the environment I needed to learn, and the space and freedom I needed to grow. The physical connection to the earth beneath us, and the heavens above, has always been important to our mental wellbeing, but the connections between us emotionally and spiritually can be harder to explain.

By looking within for answers, using my own philosophy and understanding of social issues, I have begun to express these views in the most poignant and sincere way I know how.

Giving Up

A song to spur myself on to keep going, and a plea to anyone else listening to believe me when I say …

Instant Whip

About social change, our relationship with media and advertising, and the fast paced society of today. “If it’s not instant, it’s got no lasting impression, not fast enough to hold our attention”, refers to our short attention spans and the lack of clarity in our busy lives.

Height of the Heavens

Seeing the beauty in our surroundings and contemplating the vastness of our universe, ‘Height of the Heavens’ is about our connection through the light and energy that travels around us.

I Can’t Decide

Referring to the complexities of relationships and the confusion and frustration that can arise.

Riding On A River

A constant flowing river, representing the emotions we are continuously carrying with us, trying to move forward from and finding hard to let go of. “We can’t hide it, we can’t outrun, and I’m looking forward, now I’m back where I started from.” “Riding on a river, caught up in the tide, swept away by the ocean, running through your mind.”

Step In My Shoes

This reflects a desire to be understood and, if not, then left alone without judgement.

Seas of Love

A love song, pure and simple…

Built Around a Tree

The title track for the album, and depicted through the album artwork, is also the main theme, which is carried through the entire work. Another more personal theme reflected in this title track, is that of my recent and new role as a father to my baby boy. “Growing ever strong, beneath the shelter of your arms.”

The song is also about connecting with a higher consciousness and being aware of the power of your mind, “There’s a calm sound, a world at peace, there’s a higher plane, to be reached.”

Not The End

“I scour the land, build up these trestles, resting on a ledge so narrow and thin.”   The final track on the album, but “not the end of the line…”, this song paints a picture of the American Wild West, and the labour intensive bridge building techniques that were undertaken by the workers. “Days gone without a hope that I would ever see, tracks that run clear across this deep ravine”…

“And as I sit on this ledge, I’m hoping that the weight isn’t too great”

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